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Welcome to Systeq, the premier provider of lighting control tools using the Bluetooth low energy wireless technology that is built into modern mobile devices.

Our range of H2A products are designed to make control of your lights simple and intuitive. With our catalogue you can easily customize the illumination in any home, office or commercial property to suit your needs and preferences, and, with our mobile app you'll be able to take control anyplace, anytime, anywhere.

Our user-friendly and comprehensive mobile app is a powerful tool that allows you to configure your devices, set up scenes, and schedule your lighting to turn on and off automatically. Whether you want to create a cosy atmosphere for movie night, or a bright and vibrant space for work, our mobile app makes it easy to create brilliant glow for any occasion.

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What really sets us apart is our commitment to our clients, our customer service and an easy-to-use app. We don't just sell products - we provide technical support to help you get the most out of your lighting control system. We also offer custom switch plates in a range of colours to match your decor, ensuring that your physical switches are as stylish as they are functional, and, if any problems arise with your system, our after-sales support team is available to help.

At Systeq, we believe that taking charge of your lights should be easy, affordable, and customizable, which is why we offer a range of products and services to meet your needs, whether you are looking for a basic system or a more advanced setup.

Ready to do more with your lighting? Browse our range of products, or download our mobile app (Available on both Apple and Android) for even more control over your lighting system. Contact us for more information on how we can help you to create an elegant solution to light up your space.

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Wired vs Wireless

The installation of a wireless control system for lighting is becoming an increasingly popular choice, however there are a number of factors to consider when choosing between wired v wireless to ensure the perfect solution for a specific application.

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Wired systems require physical connections between control devices and lights, while wireless systems use radio signals to communicate. Wired systems tend to be more reliable, but more expensive to install due to additional wiring. In contrast, wireless systems are more flexible, easier to install, and allow for remote control on simple App without additional hardware. They offer more precise control over lighting levels, reducing energy consumption and utility costs. Additionally, wireless systems are more flexible and can be easily expanded or reconfigured without the need for additional wiring or extensive rewiring. Wireless system can be easily connected into the existing wiring; this is most common as a simple retrofit solution or a cost saving exercise for new builds.

Ultimately, the choice between wired and wireless systems depends on factors such as budget, building layout, and desired level of control over the lighting system.

The important thing to note is that every application is different. If you are looking to find the right solution for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone to speak with one of our experts.

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How To

We have prepared a collection of guides in order to help you get the most out of your wireless control system:

Back up and copy network:
H2A Network Guide pdf

Connecting a receiver to a switch plate:
H2A pairing guide pdf

Setting up scenes on app and switch plates:
H2A Scenes guide pdf

Connecting to Amazon Alexa:
H2A Alexa Guide pdf


Introducing our top-notch technical support services for lighting control system design, installation, programming, and post-installation support, for both businesses and private residences. We understand that lighting control system issues can be a major headache for homeowners and businesses alike, and that's why we offer comprehensive solutions that ensure smooth operations for our clients.

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Our team of experienced experts are well-versed in H2A products and their applications to match a wide range of lighting controls methods such as phase dimming, LED and colour changing controllers and their electrical properties. The team is always ready to provide prompt solutions to any problem you may encounter. We guarantee timely and effective support to ensure that your properties always stay well-lit and energy efficient.

Whether you need assistance with design, installation, programming, or post-installation support, our technical support services have got you covered. So why not let us take care of your technical needs while you focus on growing your business, enjoying your home? Our experts are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, contact us today to learn more!


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Lighting control signals were traditionally communicated through low voltage wired cables between a centralised microprocessor-based controller and devices. In wireless lighting, control signals are communicated through radio waves to remote devices and receivers. 240V hardwire cabling is still required but allow more flexibility in cable run.

Bluetooth enabled with mesh lighting control is where a collection of a few or large collections of remote devices, receivers, mobile phones and tablets, communicate bi-directionally with each other through radio waves within a mesh networking without the need of a centralised control panel hidden in a closet or utility room. A mobile App is available to download for programming and configuring the whole system.

A remote device is a smart device used to control lights, on/off, dim up/down, change scene, change colour temperature, etc. A remote device can be a switch plate, a handheld controller and an App running in a mobile phone/tablet. Commands generated by remotes are sent via Bluetooth wirelessly to the respective receivers. Through Bluetooth enabled and mesh networking, receivers will get message(s) relayed to each, but only the right receiver will action the task.

The controls instructions are held in each remote's local flash memory. When old battery runs flat, once replaced with a new battery, normal operation will resume.

Receivers are smart devices, typically, they are phase dimmers, LED controllers, relays, curtain controllers, DALI converters to name a few. When a receiver gets a message that matches with its ID, it will execute the instruction resulting in diming level raised/lowered, RGBW colour changed, lights switched on/off etc. In the case of a DALI converter, it sends a DALI message to the intended DALI driver to carry out DALI functions.

The receiver's instructions is held in each receiver's flash memory. When power to the receiver(s) is lost, data will not be lost. Once powered up again, it will resume normal operation.

Yes – Adding, removing, and replacing any remote devices or receivers after commissioning are possible, easy, and secure.

Yes, both types are supported (refer to specific data sheet for load capacity)

H2A Application is a powerful suite of software running on an iOS/Android mobile device. It is downloadable from the respective stores. The APP works with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and tablets.

The App is a programming tool as well as a “remote”.

When used as a programmer, it pairs & configure receivers; programme scenes, create control groups, scheduling, change fade rate from default etc.

When used as a “remote”, it carries out lighting control functions, same as a wall switch remote.

After programming, the App acting as a “remote” is used to test/commission the area under control. Once the system is commissioned, a copy of the database is stored in our secured cloud server. A QR code is generated for quick access to download the saved data which can be duplicated to another mobile device or used for recovery purposes. This is a managed process, only available to Owners and Managers of the properties.

No. For H2A to act as an active operating “remote”, the mobile phone/device must be running H2A app with a copy of the venue's database duplicated on the mobile device.

No. H2A needs Bluetooth enabled only, any mobile devices with iOS version 12 and above and Android V5 will support H2A App.

No, it does not need a hub. H2A devices operate in Bluetooth mesh networking, mobile device's Bluetooth must be switched on to allow communication between the mobile device and H2A receivers, remotes.

Yes. Wall and handheld remotes have their own inbuilt Bluetooth communication, do not require a mobile to provide the communication path.

No, it does not need any IT specialists support, a mobile application savvy person can support H2A application. A trained electrician is expected to support the electrical installation.

H2A is completely secured. It operates via Bluetooth mesh networking, communicating with H2A receivers and remotes which are paired with the mobile device through a manual commissioning process. Hacking in the mobile device cannot interfere with the system.

Yes, any previously set operating parameters can be changed through the App or by reprogramming from the remotes.

No, reprogramming is relatively easy, can be undertaken by an inhouse authorised person such as an engineer, a mobile application savvy person. In addition to an operating manual, there are a series of videos to aid. If there is a service contract in place, the service provided should include re-programming in the contract.

Up–to 180 units in any mix are supported.

Yes, from the mobile App, it displays status of each receiver and their respective light levels.

There is no special booster needed. Range and coverage can be boosted by adding a receiver (dummy) in a location determined after a walk test, however, we do have a plug and play signal booster if required.

Yes, by adding a “Bluetooth to DALI” converter on the DALI Bus, DALI circuits can be controlled in broadcast mode; by adding more converters, finer control by group or short address is possible.

Every existing circuit can be re-used, there is no need to pull new cables unless new circuits are added to the property.

The property's lighting can easily be turned into modern smart lighting by putting receivers to strategic light sources; changing bulbs, led lights to dimmable type. Soft light, scenes can be programmed to provide comfortable environment for any occasions.

An existing circuit with many luminaires can be converted into smart lighting in two ways:

  • By adding a receiver/dimmer behind the existing switch plate will allow that circuit to be controlled wirelessly as a single group. All the luminaires must be changed to dimmable types to be dimmable.
  • By adding receivers to each luminaire of the same circuits allow each luminaire to be controlled independently. This allow the circuit to be programmed into multiple scenes/groups.

Yes, when linked with Alexa or Google home.

iOS 12.0 and above, from Apple App Store
Android 5.0 and above, from Google Play

Yes. You can achieve that by specifying the time windows for on/off in scheduling.

Yes. By installation the correct type of receivers, e.g. a relay will provide on/off; a LED controller with RGBW features will allow colour change to Led lights

Yes. Up to 8 switches (remotes) can be paired with a single circuit of lights (receiver)

Yes. The additional switch must be paired, and any scenes programmed to operate.

Yes, you would use a relay instead of a dimmer.

Yes, you can, by programming these as if they are lighting circuits from the APP.

Yes. You can set colour to a scene from the App.

Yes. You can do this via Alexa and Goggle Home.

Each phase dimmer receiver can handle maximum 200 watts, if your total circuit exceeds this threshold, you will need to split the circuit to multiple circuits, each within 200watts. Each circuit will require a receiver.

Yes, you need to add a smart phase dimmer receiver, in-line type, to the circuit connected to the new table lamp.

No. When power returns, the system will resume working, the operating program is stored in the receivers.

No. Download H2A from the Apple store or Goggle Play on your partner's phone, recover the backup QR code from your saved back up, run duplicate from your partner's phone running H2A, check out or video for exact procedure.

Yes, set up their room as a separate group with their lights only.

Yes, you can set up a master switch group with all the lights in the house that will do all on/off.

You can change the fade rate to slow down the turning on/off times, from default 2 seconds to maximum 8 hours.



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